Residing in sunny California, I spend my days grueling away in my respective job at an internet company as a Marketing Director. I'm a Bay Area native. Also: Art teacher, spastic, nerd, emotional, mother, and creative worm. 
This blog is first and foremost an experiment in chronicling my life, not necessarily because it's so incredibly interesting (I'm actually pretty normal and boring) but because I love the idea and the process that I envision. Not only am I looking forward to writing more but I'm also excited to invite you, friends and family to contribute your talents and share things that you might not otherwise share on your typical social media platforms, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. I hope that this also opens up opportunities to grow closer and learn new things about each other, near or far

I'm not exactly sure where all this will take me but I'm determined to create something that is both unique and personal

hope you will join me on this journey, wherever it leads! 

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